Local Hospitals, Chamber Request Public Support for CEA

Below is a letter written from CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, Rapides Regional Medical Center and the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce to the community asking for support for the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA):

Dear Local Business Leader:

It is with concern for the health of your workforce that we write this letter. As many of you are aware, the State of Louisiana worked with CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini and Rapides Regional Medical Center to provide critical healthcare services previously offered by the State of Louisiana at Huey P. Long Medical Center in Pineville. At that point, a cooperative endeavor agreement was established so care could continue to be provided for the most vulnerable population in central Louisiana.

Through this Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA), our two hospitals have:

  • Cared for thousands of patients with multiple medical issues
  • Seen more than 250,000 visits to our clinics since they opened in December 2013
  • Allowed patients to receive treatment here at home without having to travel to other cities (100+ miles)
  • Provided the State of Louisiana with the most cost-effective option for treating patients compared to the state’s other agreements with healthcare facilities

However, this successful partnership is in danger. While we acknowledge the state’s unprecedented fiscal challenges, we wanted you to be aware of how a lack of funding would impact you and central Louisiana:

  • Some of your employees who take advantage of these clinics and services will be forced to seek access to health care in state-funded clinics 100 or more miles away
  • Employees will miss additional time from work as they seek treatment
  • Local hospital Emergency Rooms throughout the 13 parishes affected by this decision will see increased volume
  • Commercial payors will see an increase in healthcare costs.

For the health of our economy and the strength of our community, we must ensure our workforce and our businesses remain healthy. That’s why we are asking you to join us in advocating for full funding support of the CEA. Please click on the name of your State Senator and State Representative to send an email asking them to fully fund the Cabrini-Rapides CEA to maintain vital health care services for the people of central Louisiana.

Together, we must ensure our community remains strong.


Nancy Hellyer, CEO, CHRISTUS Health Central Louisiana
Randy Rogers, Interim CEO, Rapides Regional Medical Center
Stephen Wright, Senior Vice President, Group Operations, CHRISTUS Health
Joseph R. Rosier, President & CEO, Rapides Foundation
Deborah Randolph, IOM, President, Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce

State Senators and Represenatives:

Sen. Jim Fannin Sen. Eric LaFleur Sen. Gerald Long
Sen. Jay Luneau Sen. Neil Riser Sen. John Smith
Rep. James Armes Rep. Terry Brown Rep. Jeff Hall
Rep. Lance Harris Rep. Chris Hazel Rep. Robert Johnson
Rep. Jack McFarland