Local author talks about the inspiration for her new novel “A Forever Love”

6/8/23 Jacque Murphy

Tracy says,  “A Forever Love” is the first novel in the Sedipar (Rapides spelled backwards) Trilogy and the inspiration for her novel stems from her hometown, Meeker Louisiana. Her dad was born and raised in Meeker, he grew up on a family farm and her mom and dad decided they would raise their children there, which Tracy is very grateful for. Her dad spent most of his adult life farming with his dad and his three brothers and that afforded Tracy many, many opportunities to play in the field. One of her most favorite memories is just running in the field barefoot after they plowed it. The second thing that inspired Tracy to write a book was… High School

“High School was such a pinnacle moment in your life, so you’re gaining a little bit more freedom and I graduated in 1997 from Rapides High School and back in the 1990’s you could get your license at 15, so you remember, we didn’t have cell phones, so the only way to socialize with friends was you know to go somewhere and actually meet with them.”

Tracy will be publishing two more books, making this series a Trilogy

“I’ve started my second book, which the readers that have read my first book are anxiously waiting but it probably is slated to be ready in the Fall of ‘23.”

Tracy will be hosting a Sip and Sign Event at Fighting Hand Brewery in Pineville. For Tickets and Information: https://www.facebook.com/events/3565608290342832

“A Forever Love” is also available on Amazon and at https://www.tracyadaigrepontnovels.com/?fbclid=IwAR3kwdC4DgJt4jRBbsr2QFxT11PiQt_bMYBGndqRvqoJMQ-ObwDvLHcFR9M