Lifeshare Blood Center provides turkey or ham voucher for donors

Lifeshare Blood Center will be giving thanks for blood donors by offering free turkey or ham vouchers when folks donate.

Lifeshare personnel say that blood is especially needed during the holiday season because schools and businesses close and with more people traveling on the road there is a higher risk for accidents.  Those that give this weekend and next week will receive a tee shirt and a $15 voucher toward the purchase of a turkey or ham.  Blood is also still needed for the victims of the stabbing attack at Louisiana Tech.  Donors are asked to specify that they want their blood to go toward the victims.  Lifeshare supplies more than 100 hospitals and medical partners throughout the region.

Hannah Younger with Lifeshare said, “I just want to say thank you because there’s a lot of people that will see another birthday or another Christmas or another Thanksgiving with their family.  So it means a lot to people for you to be able to give that time back to them with their family.”

The vouchers are available to anyone who donates starting Saturday until Wednesday the November 22.  There are lots of collection points around Central Louisiana for you to give.  For a list of locations or to schedule an appointment visit

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