Lifeshare Alexandria Gives Blood to Florida for Hurricane Ian Victims

The Lifeshare blood center is giving back to the communities in Florida hit by Hurricane Ian.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has the story.

“I’m very positive about it, makes me feel good about myself and it’s just a way I know I can contribute.”

Brian Ussery is a regular blood donor at the Lifeshare blood center in Alexandria.  The center has provided a blood supply to the victims in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian.

“I think we should always help out those in need in disaster times whether it’s blood products or food, water, shelter we should just be giving back to communities in need… Since we’ve been hit so many times in Louisiana over the last few years we definitely know what it’s like to be on the end of needing relief.  And now we get a chance to help out those who are on the other side we can be the one’s providing blood products or whatever for those who are in need down in Florida.”

Jessica Sears is the director of operations support for Lifeshare.

“A lot of the times we see that you need to have a robust blood supply to help you through disasters and we’ve been the impact of natural disasters a lot and so we’ve had to rely on other blood centers to help us in our area hospitals supply the blood that we need for our patients.  So, we were happy to be able to step in and help Florida be able to add to their blood supply.”

Three hundred sixty-six pints of blood were sent to Florida from Lifeshare.

Sears said, “We are able to provide for those that really don’t have any other option except for someone to give blood to either save their life or sustain their life.”

Sears encourages everyone who can to take a little time to give blood for the community.

“The need is always there.  You can’t manufacture blood someone has to donate it for you to be able to receive it, so we try to push that you donate every 56 days if you’re eligible if you’re healthy and well.  You get out and you spend 25 minutes to give back to our community to keep it strong.”

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