Libertarian Party of LA Exceeds 10,000 Registered Voters

LPLlogoThis morning, the Secretary of State officially reported over 10,000 registered Libertarian voters in Louisiana. This milestone indicates a growing number of Louisiana voters are dissatisfied with the current two-party system and looking for a better option. The desire to restore freedom and liberty has made Libertarian Party the fastest growing and 3rd largest political Party in Louisiana and across the nation.

“As other political parties are losing voters, the Libertarian Party is undergoing phenomenal growth nationwide and in Louisiana. We welcome those who are disenchanted with big government and policies that diminish our Constitutional rights,” Executive Director Wendy Adams said.

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is a grassroots movement dedicated to reducing the size and intrusiveness of government. Libertarians are organizing at the local level and establishing Parish Executive committees across the state. This bottom-up approach addresses government at the local level in an effort to restore Constitutional values and principles.

With a record-breaking number of Libertarian candidates on the ballot this fall, voters who are sick of the endless spending and ever-expanding government have a choice.

The Libertarian platform is economically responsible and promotes individual liberty. Libertarians want the government to stay out of their finances and their personal lives. For more information about the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, please visit their website at or contact Executive Director Wendy Adams at 504.654.7627.