LC running back stays resilient while chasing a dream

“It’s just my motivation. Like Saturdays, I need to be on the field. I have to play. I can’t sit on the sideline again, that’s not me. Coming out of high school and being the man in high school winning many awards… I can’t sit on the sideline.”

Louis Cheneau is familiar with watching from the sidelines. Tailing back to his high school days at Riverside Academy, Louis finished his senior season but with two knee injuries. A torn meniscus and a torn MCL.

“When I tore my meniscus, once that happened in the game, (Louis) you practice light. I only had a helmet on. I couldn’t get contact in practice I couldn’t really life weights how I wanted to. I had to condition the best I could. I didn’t practice. I didn’t get full contact until Friday.”

Because of his injury, Louis wasn’t hearing back from D1 (Division 1) programs anymore. From the beginning, Louisiana College held their end of the bargain.

“He was like yeah that’s cool. We’re going to still stick with you everyday because we want you up here. But one I got hurt all my other D1 schools started going down. So, I’m going to stick with who stick with me.”

Fast forward to this past season, Louis was sidelined his entire season due to surgery. Just a few weeks ago, the Wildcats were prepping for what would have been their fourth spring practice until COVID-19 put an end to it all.

“I missed out on my first like actual spring workouts. I’m like man, this isn’t right.”

While Louis has been back in New Orleans still hoping and preparing for a chance to hit the field, he was surprised when ESPN invited him to be apart of their Resilient Athletes segment.

“I don’t know how they found me. My trainer doesn’t (either). He was just like we’re going to take the opportunity and go on with it. So, that’s really how it came about. It was a fun process though.”

Louis is hoping to be the first running back to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season.

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