Landry’s First Amendment Lawsuit Moves Forward as Federal Judge Orders Emails Released Between Fauci and White House

New developments today in Attorney General Jeff Landry’s first amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration, ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more.

A federal judge for the western district of Louisiana has ordered Dr. Anthony Fauci, white house press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and other officials to answer for the government’s efforts to allegedly censor content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Judge Terry Doughty rejected the Biden administration’s claim of executive privilege and ruled that they must turn over any emails sent to social media companies about misinformation or the censorship of social media content.

The lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says the Biden administration worked with social media companies to suppress free speech about topics such as the Hunter Biden laptop story, COVID-19, and elections.

The administration will have 21 days to turn over the emails.

A lawsuit is only one side of the story.  No word yet on the response from the Biden administration.