Lagniappe Theatre Presents Acts of God

ActsofGodLagniappe Theatre’s latest adventure is a whirlwind of a show starring twelve very talented teenagers from the Central Louisiana area!  A storm-tossed swirl of a play, Acts of God tracks twelve high school students through the year following a devastating tornado strike.  As the students grieve, assist in the recovery efforts, and tackle the basics of getting on with life, they must also cope with the storm’s emotional damage.  Friendships and allegiances shift, faith and beliefs are tested, and the threat of a new storm forces each character to relive the once in a lifetime terror they thought they’d put behind them.  This lighthearted drama is great for teens, adults, and youth groups.

Show:  Acts of God

Dates:  Friday, March 14th at 7PM; Saturday, March 15th at 7PM; Sunday, March 16th at 2:30PM

Location:  New Lagniappe Theatre Building in the Alexandria Mall

Tickets:  adults, seniors, children or groups of 10 or more

(318) 48-STAGE,, or purchase at the door