LA Dad invites you to “paint ’em blue for autism”

bluenailsautismBrian Batey is a 48-year-old engineer and father of two who grew up in rural Louisiana. He isn’t the kind of guy you would guess would be into painting his nails.

But if you are just judging based on his looks, you might not guess he also has Tourette syndrome and Asperger syndrome.

Two years ago, Batey was diagnosed as “being on the spectrum” and he’s known for years his 18-year-old son, Nathan, has the two diagnoses.

With this being Autism Awareness Month, Batey is hoping to raise awareness and acceptance of the diagnosis. On his Facebook page, he’s posted a picture of himself with his blue nails and is telling people to “paint ’em blue for autism.” He hopes at least one thousand people will paint their nails blue and post it to the page with the name of the person they’re doing it in honor of.

KLAX ABC 31 News 4/10/15