Korean War Veteran Tells His Story of How He Became an American Soldier

Veteran’s Day is the time to honor and celebrate veterans who have served.

KLAX News Reporter Keisha Swafford finds out the story of a local veteran’s journey as an American soldier.


Gary Cauthen joined the Army in 1962 where he served in the Korean War.

“We found over 50 to 75 tunnels and that’s where the North Koreans came from that were killing people from the South and some of our soldiers that we didn’t even know about.”


While living in Germany as a boy, he remembered seeing American soldiers in his hometown.

“When they come back in through town, they come right by our house to go to their posts.”


Cauthen says he always wanted to be a tanker in the military.

“And I would wave at those tanks as a little boy and I said, when I grow up, I’m going to be one of those. And little did I know, I became one of those.”


Cauthen served as a drill sergeant who fought to protect his brothers in battle.

“I sent so many troops probably to their death and I hope I trained them right.”

Cauthen says he will always remember the soldiers who died for their country.


KLAX News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Gary and his wife give out poppy flowers to veterans to remember the fallen heroes who shed their blood and gave up their lives for their country.”


Cauthen says he is grateful he made it through the Korean War.

“We are a brotherhood, and we are lucky that we survived.”


Cauthen and his wife are committed to serve all veterans through the American Legion.