Journey Church prepares for Phase Two transition

“Last Sunday was the greatest attendance we’ve had since we’ve opened. I think this Sunday is going to be fantastic. So, we’ve adapted really well.”

Many public areas like Journey Church in Pineville didn’t have a choice but to adapt in the recent pandemic.

“We’re really blessed because we already had an online ministry going on Facebook. To be honest, last Sunday, we probably had almost 10 times as many people watching us online as we did in the service.”

Pastor James says that through online ministry it was a great opportunity to reach people that they haven’t reached before. Because of this and a new transition starting this Sunday, he’s hoping to see new faces in the sanctuary.

“I think we’re going to have new people… that’s what I’m excited about… that we never even knew. That has been watching us online and will gradually start coming in. That’s the good part that’s going to happen.”

For the past few weeks under Phase One, Journey was able to re-open under certain restrictions.

Only a certain percentage of the congregation allowed inside and practicing social distancing, masks were required, temperatures were taken and volunteers would escort members to and from their vehicles.

Beginning this Sunday, members can ease up a bit on some of the guidelines.

“Once you get in, if you’re comfortable, you can take your mask off. If you feel comfortable wearing it, you can wear it. We’re still going to have some social distancing. We’ll have our children’s department open, our nursery open, our youth department open. We’re still taking temperatures on the youth department and the children.”

Though Pastor James is excited and faithful about the changes, he says that this whole process can serve as a shift for everyone to grow closer to God and grow closer to each other.

“I think God is using every bit of this to turn people’s heart to God. He’s the one that’s going to change everything. He’s the one to bring security, he’s the one to bring love, he’s the one to bring reconciliation. I’m so thankful to be in the ministry at this time. It’s a special time.”