J.T. Meleck Announces Single-Barrel Whiskey Program to Continue in 2023

Branch, LA – After the successful test market of its single-barrel cask strength rice whiskey in four select Louisiana retailers, family-owned distillery J.T. Meleck announced plans to continue the program in 2023, with an expansion to more retailers in the state.

The program builds on the success of the test offering in four retail locations in late 2022:  Nunu’s Market in Youngsville, Champagnes of Lafayette, Hokus Pokus Lake Charles, and Cannata’s in Houma. Some picks sold out in hours, despite limitations on purchases of 1 to 2 bottles per customer.  

“Single barrel picks are a growing trend in whiskey as the US whiskey culture expands and matures,” explains Mike Frugé, founder and owner of Frugé Spirits. “We knew our customers would love it, but the response was more than we could have imagined. Our retailers love it, too, because they can choose and offer a high-quality, exclusive product that enables their brand to stand out.”

Single Barrel Vs. Small Batch Whiskey

Small batch whiskey consists of a limited number of barrels (up to 50) that are mixed to create a unique blend of whiskey and then offered as a “small batch”. Single barrel whiskey is precisely what the name implies, a single barrel of whiskey with its own unique flavor profile, proof and yield (bottle count). 

“Every single spirit that leaves the farm at JT Meleck has gone through a quality control process, meaning we have smelled, taste and analyzed to make sure we are giving our fans a consistent spirit,” Fruge says.  “When conducting this process for whiskey, the there rice takes its own path in each barrel. Some barrels stand above the rest in terms of nose and flavor profile, distinguished not only from the batch but also from each other. We identify these barrels and offer them at cask strength to our retailers, who select a favorite to offer their customers. Their chosen barrel will become their single barrel pick, hand-selected.”