Initiative to Save the Dairy Barn

dairy barnA group of citizens forms an initiative to save the dairy barn in Pineville. Located on the grounds of Central Hospital, the barn has been dormant for years and no longer serves a purpose to the hospital.

While it’s not in danger of being demolished, the committee has done an assessment on the building as well as an analysis of the work needed to be done.  ABC 31 News spoke to members of the committee including Tom David with Pan America, Kendra Van Cleef, Roger Corley and Nathan Martin, who spoke about the feasibility and involvement needed.

David says, “From our early assessment we think it is entirely feasible. I think the first assessment is that the structure is unbelievable architecturally significant for our community and is something that should be saved and we believe is solid enough to be saved for some repurposing.”

The committee members say it’s a huge project and they’ll need all the support they can get.

“At a point there will be a time when we will solicit funds,” says Corley, “we do need to make that clear there is no one out there that is soliciting funds at this time.”

“Like our page turn on notifications so you receive the updates that we make, and be prepared to help us see this through to the end,” says Nathan Martin.

Once the assessment is completed and a budget is established, the committee will speak with the state regarding the procedure to begin soliciting donations.

To find out more, you can search Save the dairy barn at Buhlow Lake on Facebook.