Ignite the Mic Alexandria Starts Fundraiser for Foster Kids at Fostering Community

Mentors and social workers formed a community to improve the lives of foster children.

Their mission is help them heal and support them in their growth.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how they plan to raise money for foster kids.


Youth Support Specialist Kait Burns works with Fostering Community to improve the lives of foster children.

“A lot of my job is working with teenagers and young adults that have been in foster care, it’s been really rewarding to see them step up and advocate for themselves and help run Fostering Community’s program.”


Burns connected with Ignite the Mic Alexandria to help foster teens express themselves through poetry.

“Kids who have been in foster care feel like they don’t have a voice so this past year we’ve really helped them try to find their voice and step out into the community and really tell their story.”


Burns says children come to foster care with little clothing or belongings.

“Our location is actually a resource center for a lot of our families. We can host family visits here. We have a first night supply closet, we have the Foster Care Closet where families can come and shop as they need to.”


Ignite The Mic Alexandria offered to put on a fundraising event to buy clothes and toys.

“I wanted to continue working with them in the community and supporting them as well as hosting more events for our youth here and so when Mrs. Sherry brought up that she wanted to do a fundraiser, I was like, absolutely!”


Through the fundraiser, Fostering Community can provide more resources for their youth programs.

“So that may be covering the cost of a youth event, or it may be covering cleaning supplies or household supplies for a youth who needs it, it could cover medical expenses, it really just depends on the needs that we have but it will go towards our young adults.”


Ignite The Mic hosts several events to benefit the arts and community organizations.

The Ignite the Mic fundraiser will be on January 8th at Pamela’s Bayou Bowl at 6:30 PM.