How to Properly Use Fireworks for New Year’s Day

Families create New Year’s Day memories through fireworks celebrations.

But if not handled properly, fireworks can cause burns and eye injuries.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how to safely use fireworks.


Popping fireworks can be fun, but it can also be dangerous to kids and adults.

Owner of Big Jim’s Fireworks says Rachel Benoit says, “A really common thing is children running to touch a firework, you know like the little airplanes or those cute little fountains or something, that just finished going off, they’re run to grab it and it’s still going to be hot, so you always leave a firework for a while, soak it with water before you even attempt to go near it.”


Firework Participant Ryan Benoit has seen the dangers of using fireworks.

“Fireworks can hurt really bad especially like the big ones. If they fall over, that can cause a serious injury, put you in a hospital, my dad once got hit by a firework on his leg, but luckily it was just a big scratch on his leg, nothing like big.”


Fireworks Demonstrator Casey Wallace says people should learn how to use fireworks properly.

“When you start talking about artillery shells, that you accidently put the shell in backwards. If you put the shell in backwards and it goes down in the tube, it will not lift up in the air, it will blow the tube completely out and its surroundings.”


Wallace says keep your distance once fireworks are lit.

“Two-inch shells so 2 times 70 feet is 140 so you need to be 140 feet away, the minimum for safe distance to view these fireworks.”


He says no firework should be held in your hand.

“As the shells start firing as it goes down the tube, the end that you are holding, actually has a firework in it, and if that firework doesn’t get launched out the tube, it’s going to blow up in the paper and guess where you’re holding that? Your hand.”


Wallace says make sure to place fireworks on a solid surface.

“If you’re on uneven ground, or just any kind of ground, if they get to rocking too much, and they fall over, now they’re going to be shooting towards you.”


Teaching your children proper firework safety is the best way to protect them from injury.

For more safety tips, contact your local firework stand.