Hoops on Mission Founder Dwayne Jackson Hosts Basketball League at Louisiana Christian University

Louisiana Christian University invited Hoops on Mission Founder Dwayne Jackson to guide students through basketball and life.

ABC 31 Sports Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how he motivated students to see basketball as more than a game.


Playing basketball can teach young people more than just shooting and dribbling.

President of Hoops on Mission Dwayne Jackson says Dwayne Jackson says, “How can these kids eventually start their own business and have hope and believe in doing something, not just basketball, but also starting a family, being married, having kids, being a good father.”


Dwayne Jackson founded Hoops on Mission to motivate students to find their identity in Christ.

Arthur F. Middle Magnet Student Elijah Fodong says, “It feel great to be in the gym, but what I learned about Jesus is always you gotta stay into a tribe, if one of us fail, then we all fail.”


Jackson applies faith-based lessons to basketball to show them how to work as a team.

“I taught them how to shoot, dribble, play defense, but also compete and also stay together. I feel like in life, if our kids can be a part of something and also stay together, and be a part of this family, I think the sky is the limit for them.”


LCU collaborated with local schools to get the kids involved in the basketball league.

Principal of Arthur F. Smith Middle Magnet Keandra Ford says, “It’s always awesome to have an opportunity for my students to learn and get outside of the neighborhood and do something positive so this whole camp, the whole Wildcat family, and Coach Mason gifting us with this opportunity has been amazing because it’s only going to enrich their lives.”


Through playing basketball, students learned how to be strong physically and mentally.

Arthur F. Smith Middle Magnet Student Xavier Finth says, “I was excited to learn more about basketball, and what can I do to help my shot.”

Tr’Korian Wright says, “Learning how to keep on working even if you do fail.”


Through the league, Jackson reaches youth across the country to encourage them.

“In life, you go through things and God is always shaping and molding you and sometimes you might fall, but in the Bible, it says when you are weak, He becomes strong.”


Jackson says seeing a black man as positive role model shows representation matters.

“My dad wasn’t there for me growing up, but it’s important to be a light, I call it a lightbulb, be a light for these kids so they can see somebody that look like them, and they can have faith and hope to be better for tomorrow.”


Being a missionary and world changer to kids is Jackson’s way of shining his light for Jesus.

Dwayne Jackson continues to travel around the world to teach students about basketball and Christ.