Hate Crime of McKinsley Lincoln is Still Unsolved After 2 Years

According to the FBI, hate crimes are motivated by prejudice and committed against victims based on their race, sexual orientation, or gender.

In Louisiana, there were 33 hate crimes reported in 2019.

McKinsley Lincoln was a gay black male who was shot and killed in 2020.


May 15th marked two years since McKinsley Lincoln was shot down in the 2000 block of day street.

McKinsley Lincoln was a target of harassment and discrimination.

His mother has been working with the National Black Justice Coalition to investigate the murder.

She feels she is not getting help from the Alexandria Police Department.


His aunt Michelle Van Dyke reached out to a police detective to get an update.

He said he would be happy to turn the records over to them.

Now she feels it is up to them to bring the suspect to justice.


His mother Pamela Lincoln is grateful they can honor McKinsley with a balloon release.

Every family member was there to support each other.

They will not rest until they get justice for McKinsley.


Michelle Van Dyke feels someone knows what happened and is not speaking up.

Hate crime is still a problem in Louisiana and families need help in solving these cases.


If you have any information on this unsolved case, please contact the Lincoln family or Alexandria Police Department.

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