Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Landry Visits Sentry Grill and Drug of Alexandria Ahead of Election Day

ALEXANDRIA, La – Louisiana Gubernatorial candidate Jeff Landry stopped by local business Sentry Grill and Drug ahead of election day.

“Its great to have him come in and actually acknowledge the small businesses to support small businesses.” 

Kent and Vicki Allen own Sentry Grill and Drug and experienced quite the rush when Landry came by. 

“It’s a challenge. We were expecting about 50, 60 people and we probably had 160, but very exciting. But, you know, it opens the doors to people realizing we’re here and they’ll come back.” 

The Allen’s say that not only was the added exposure to their business nice, but they also got the opportunity to express their hopes for change in future legislation. 

“You know, we’re a pharmacy [too]. For years, pharmacy has been hit pretty hard by the PBMs and stuff. So we’re hoping that he listens to us and actually puts us through some stuff that’ll help us out.” 

Landry says that’s exactly why coming to Central Louisiana is important. 

“I think for a long time, voters in central and north Louisiana have felt like Baton Rouge just doesn’t listen to them, quite frankly. I want to be the opposite. I want to be a governor who actually gets out of Baton Rouge, because I think the answers come from listening to people rather than the politicians.” 

The family atmosphere and community of Sentry Grill and Drug is a large part of why he decided to come to the downtown location. 

“This is the environment that says it’s local. It’s a community. I’ve smelt the hamburgers; we didn’t get to taste some [yet]. But yeah, family. It encompasses everything that Louisiana stands for. And so, it’s great to be here.” 

A late appearance before election day is part of the story but for Heidi Carter the business that came with the appearance was the exposure Sentry Grill had been needing. 

“The people that are here, a lot of them didn’t even know we were down here. So now that they’ve had a taste of our hamburgers and our milkshakes and so our cute little store, maybe we’ll get more people in.” 


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