Grant Parish Welcomes New K9 “Spec”

Grant Parish Sheriff’s invited the community out to meet Cpl. Blake Arrant’s new K9 partner, Spec.

Grant Parish welcomed Spec with open arms yesterday afternoon as he made his public debut.  Spec was chosen out of several dogs because he was able to sniff out 3 grams of heroin in a ceiling that set him apart from the other K9’s.

“He has what we call an aggressive alert which means when he finds what he thinks is his toy, he’ll sit there and scratch at it as hard he can,” says Cpl. Arrant. “Out of all the dogs that were there that day, and there were six dogs for hire, but there was a total of 14 dogs there.  He was the only one that found it; it was three and a half grams of heroin, which is one of the hardest finds anyway, in the ceiling tile of the actual building.  So that basically sealed it for me.  Seeing him work like that was something I had never seen before on any animal,” says Arrant.

The ladies of Eastern Star donated $7,000 for Spec in Grant Parish and the public made other donations as well.  Sheriff Steven McCain would like to thank everyone who donated.