Governor Edwards speaks at NRBIA final governor candidate meeting

Since June, the North Rapides Business and Industry Alliance has been hosting a series of meetings with each of the 3 candidates running for Governor of Louisiana.

The June meeting featured Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, the July meeting featured Republican representative Ralph Abraham and the August meeting concluded the series with current Governor John Bel Edwards.

Edwards spoke about getting rid of the largest deficit in the state under his administration. He says that fixing the deficit has led to the opportunity to make strategic new investments in things like education.

He also stated that Louisiana’s economy is the largest it’s ever been, measured by GDP, and growing in the top 10 in the country in terms of the state. Along with the state seeing the lowest unemployment rate in almost 12 years at 4.3 percent.

Edwards also says that in the last 12 months Louisiana has led the nation in the decline in the unemployment rate.

The election for Governor will take place on October 12th.