Gov. Jindal in Pineville Today with Economic Dev. Announcement

CrestExpansionGovernor Bobby Jindal is in Pineville today to make an economic development announcement.  Governor Jindal met with Crest Industries officials to announce a 2.3 million dollar expansion to their corporate headquarters in Pineville.

The Governor says this will result in almost 200 direct and indirect new jobs.  And, he says, these are good jobs with salaries averaging around 53 thousand a year plus benefits.

Crest, located on Highway 28 East, is in the electrical transmission and distribution business.

The 22 thousand square foot building accommodates what the Governor describes as a growing staff.  This will be the fifth building on the Crest campus, and the second announcement of additional investments in 3 months.

While we had him, we asked the Governor about U.S. Senator John McCain’s recent statement seeming to endorse Jindal for the 2016 presidential race.

The Governor is off to Asia this weekend for what he describes as an economic development tour.  He says he’ll meet with 10 companies with hopes of attracting them to Louisiana.

KLAX ABC 31 News 1/10/14