GAME OF THE WEEK: Pineville High Rebels

Scratching the surface on some district action, the Pineville Rebels need to #HammerDown and #RebelUp.

This week they’ll be hosting their “Across the River” rivals, the ASH Trojans who are currently 5-1 after this loss to West Monroe last week.

“They’ve been playing really well. They’re very physical. They fly around to the football. Offensively, we’ve been doing a good job of mixing up running and pass and we keep a fast tempo offensively and try to get as many plays in as we can. Special teams wise, just keep not making any mistakes. Don’t give up a big play.”

Head coach, Darrin Moore, continues on the importance of execution.

“I think that’s our biggest problem this year, we haven’t been able to execute when we want to. Haven’t been able to play real Pineville football yet. Offensively and defensively and special teams wise, we just got to limit mistakes that we make and play fundamentally sound football.”

Moore says that they’re not too worried about the numbers or stats of their opponent but to compete in the only fashion that they know how to.

“I think we have to just worry about what we do. Going back to execution and play Pineville football, I think our guys can be physical, I know our guys can be physical and I think we just got to limit our mistakes and just play Pineville football.”

With this big match-up, of course both teams are looking for the win. But, between the area teams, one can assume the friendly bonds from across the field.

“I mean these kids grew up with each other playing ball, pee-wee football and baseball together their whole lives and they all know each other and anytime you get in that type of situation, I think you’re always going to be paid for a rivalry game.”