GAME OF THE WEEK: Northwood High Gators

The Northwood Gators are currently 0-3 going to their homecoming game this Friday.

They’ll be hosting D’Arbonne Woods out of Farmerville.

Gators head coach, Justin Webb, says that looking into this match-up, last year’s game was very competitive.

“We’re kind of playing mirror images of ourselves this year. They’re a young program and so are we. We got a lot of new guys in and I mentioned that earlier in the year. It’s going to be a process and both teams are pretty hungry for a win right now and hopefully we can get it on our home field for our homecoming for this year.”

Despite the current losing streak and the loss of some members, the Gators are in a different position than last year.

They’re relatively young team and most of the guys are healthy.

“Starting 0-3 is not where we wanted to see ourselves right now but we just have to sure some things up and have to clean up offense. As crazy as it sounds, I think we’re playing good defense. I mean we’re giving up points but the problem is a lot of our kids play both ways and when you can’t get anything going on offense, it just makes it tough on defense to get out there and just playing like that.”

Sophomore, Trent Ingraham, says that quitting is not in their vocabulary.

“We always try to get better every game. We never get down. Some days we get down.. its a dog fight some days on practice but we always get back together like we got this. Its another day, its another win… possibly.”

The Gators have lined up against Pickering, Lakeview and Bolton so far, and Webb credits all three teams on their playing abilities. He mentions that it may have been easier on them to schedule “lighter” opponents, but these past and future teams provide a challenge for his guys.

“I guess we could have easily scheduled some games that are comparable but I want these kids to learn how to compete and play against good competition and we’ve done that, we’re just seeing the product right now of just being young and inexperienced. We have a lot of guys that haven’t played a lot of football. But, the good news is every week’s past they’re getting more experience and we’re starting to sure some things up now.”