GAME OF THE WEEK: Bolton High Bears

Week two of high school football and next up on the feature list are the Bolton High Bears!

They’re scheduled to host the Grant Cougars.

The Bears lost four of their stars following the jamboree against Holy Savior Menard, including their quarterback, Jadarius Welch. With that on the brain, other players were called to the challenge to fulfill these open spots. So, the Bears are in sort of a transition period.

“So its just a chemistry point of view. The kids who played last week are going to be starting again this week and we’ve seen through two practices already that its coming together.”

After asking head coach, Mark Teague, about Grant’s team, he said that they can come off sneaky. As if they “don’t know how to put on a chin strap” but all jokes aside, he sees them as a physical team and lucky enough for the Bears, these past three weeks all of their opponents have been physical.

“They’ll go out on the field and they’ll hit you in the mouth. He’s (Freddie Hallman) going to teach them how to play physical football. Fortunately, we’ve had a three game stretch from the scrimmage, jamboree and first game of the week, we played three physical football teams. So, we’re going to be ready from a physical point of view to match whatever physicality they have and we know we have a fight on our hands.”

The Bears continue to grow more comfortable and more confident in their playing and knowledge of how to play in certain ways.

“So, we’re going to be in better shape. We’re going to be more knowledgeable in our scheme and how to make more adjustments on the fly that we haven’t been able to make or we’ve been learning how to make. And I think you’re going to see a more crisp offense and a defense that flies around to the football and just come in ready to play.”

Veteran leader, Eric Whelan emphasizes the team’s need to have more fight throughout all four quarters and bottom-line giving the game all you got.

“They got more dog in them. They’ll fight and that’s all we need. Just people who can fight through the whole game and give them everything we got and we’ll be the best team. It don’t matter if we lose, just give them everything we got and leave it all on the football field… we’ll be happy.”