Fort Polk Memorial Day Ceremony Honors Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones

Memorial Day is a precious time for families who lost their loved ones in war.

Ceremonies around the world are honoring those families left behind.


JRTC and Fort Polk arranged an exclusive Memorial Day ceremony.

Each serviceman and woman involved worked hard to express their appreciation.

General David S. Doyle was humbled to be its keynote speaker.

He is proud to help keep the memories of these fallen soldiers alive.


The names of fallen heroes are forever inscribed on the Fort Polk Global War on Terrorism Monument.

Taps were played for soldiers who died with military honors.

General Doyle wants families to know they respect the sacrifice of their loved ones.

This ceremony was for the five gold star families.


Captain Everett Keaton’s family is part of this exclusive membership.

His wife betty Keaton is grateful to have the support of this circle.

They helped her get through the pain of losing her husband in the Vietnam War.


Betty Keaton continues to stay strong and support those who have lost loved ones.

She wants people to remember how precious their freedom is.


Memorial Day reminds of how much her husband loved his country.

It is a day when she can keep his memory alive.

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