Former Mayor of Pineville Clarence Fields Celebrates His Retirement

Clarence Fields mentored Mayor of Cheneyville Derrick Johnson and taught him how to be a leader.

Pineville City Councilman Kevin Dorn feels fields was there for him in his toughest times.


Mayor Clarence Fields is humbled and honored to serve his community.

The citizens of Pineville showed their love for him through their words of appreciation.

They recognized his excellent service and his dedication to the city.


Fields was the Mayor of Pineville for 22 years.

In that time, he led multi-million-dollar projects to transform Pineville.

In his retirement, Clarence Fields looks forward to spending more time with his family.


He has mastered the art of building relationships with the citizens of Pineville.

People who know him best say he is the gold standard of putting others before yourself.

He has proven to be a good role model to young men and women.


Clarence Fields is grateful for the opportunity to invest in the city he loves.

His new priority is spending time with his grandchildren, but he will continue to give back to Pineville.

His official date of retirement is June 30, 2022, but he plans to still be involved in the community.




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