Former Demon running back not allowing the “unknown” stop his NFL dreams

This past season, Jared led the Demons with 445 yards rushing and 9 touchdowns. He recorded a career-best of 40 receptions and something most running backs can’t say, he recorded a touchdown on his last collegiate carry.

Looking head, the work hasn’t stopped as he’s preparing for the next level. But, some of those preparations have to take a timeout.

“We’re continuing to train basically outside. We’re basically having our agents try to send everything in to scouts. Just praying for the best right now and hopefully everything works out.”

Jared is in the middle of training for the Louisiana FCS Pro Day scheduled for next Thursday, April 2nd, in New Orleans at the Saints Training Facility.

Unfortunately, New Orleans breeds the most positive cases for the Coronavirus. So, at this moment, everything is sort of “up in the air”.

“They’ve been keeping us in the loop for the most part. We’re just still trying to see what happens if the Coronavirus situation calms down. That’s the whole thing right now. We just don’t know what’s going to happen but hopefully everything just calms down and we can be able to just be seen by a lot of people because that was the plan initially. Even if we don’t, we can still have a back-up plan so hope that works as well.”

Jared says that the feeling of uncertainty can be tough not to think about. But, it doesn’t stop the grind.

“It can be challenging because you’re just unsure. Unsure if you’re going to get an opportunity, unsure of really what’s going to happen next. So, we’re keeping each other in high hopes and just continue to keep working hard. That’s really all we can do right now.