Foreign Exchange Student Hosts Needed

International Cultural Exchange Services better known as ICES is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in Henderson NV dedicated to promoting international awareness and understanding through youth exchange. Our students come from Europe, Asia, and Latin America and are ages 15 to 18 they are screened for maturity, academics, and English proficiency. Our students come fully insured with their own medical insurance and spending money to cover personal expenses such as school fees, clothes, and personal expenses. As an exchange student the students stay for a period of 5 months or ten months learning American Culture while being a member of the home and abiding by rules set forth by host family. The host family provides a room and board but most importantly parental guidance. Local Coordinators go through extensive training and are there every step of the way by assisting with the application process, regular contact with the family and student and preparing the family for a great hosting experience. Hosting a student is a great way to learn from each other about culture and to gain another member of the family while making memories to last a lifetime. Single parents, empty nesters and families with small children and teens are encouraged to apply. For more information contact Tonya Denmon at (318) 229-8596 or

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