Ford Tri-Motor Aircraft Offers Unique Flying Experience

The Experimental Aircraft Association is bringing the first ever mass-produced airliner to Alexandria.

The Ford Tri-Motor 5AT flew its first flight in 1928.

Today, the EAA and the Liberty Aviation Museum is working together to bring the historic aircraft around the world.


Pilot Ed Cornfield is proud to bring the Ford Tri-Motor aircraft to the masses.

He loves learning how it works and exploring its differences.

He is honored to be behind the wheel of history.


Features that stood out were its round steering wheels and gauges on the outside.

The aircraft only has 3 engines compared to modern planes.

Tour Coordinator of EAA Ford Tri-Motor David Lerlie feels passengers can have fun flying in the Ford Tri-Motor.

He believes the seats are more comfortable than regular airline seats.

With more leg room, passengers can relax and enjoy the experience.


Some were given free rides.

It can hold up to 9 passengers and it is safe for people of all ages.

Flying in the aircraft will give people the rare chance to immerse themselves in history.

The flying experience for Alexandria is only available through March 27th. Go on to book your flight.