Family Searches for Missing Bolton High School Student Amariya Lewis

A Bolton High School student has been missing since she left the campus grounds on April 13th.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how her mother worked to search for her missing daughter.


Amariya Lewis was last seen walking down Vance Avenue wearing a white polo shirt and dark blue pants.

Her mother Lakitha Lewis says, “I got a call at 8:30 am, April the 13th by her teacher, not the administration, but her teacher saying that Amariya had got mad and left the school.”


Lakitha Lewis says the school notified APD and the Sheriff’s Office about her daughter’s disappearance.

One volunteer says, “It’s very important that we pray together and that we stay together for Amariya’s safe return to her family.”


After 4 days of her missing, family and friends met at the city park to search for her.

Lewis says, “My child could possibly be harmed, I don’t know if she’s living, I don’t know if she’s dead, I don’t even know if she’s even still in this town. Amariya was a SPED Student. She doesn’t have the capabilities of a regular 15-year-old girl.”


Her family also looked inside abandoned houses and streets to find Amariya.

Lewis says, “She likes to meet different people, and whoever she meets, she thinks they are her friends right away. She’s very friendly, so just by seeing that, I know she could possibly be with a stranger she’s never met.”


APD and RPSO was on the scene when her family found Amariya in a hotel.

“I’m very grateful for everyone that took time out of their day to even pray for me, call me, text me, and physically be here this morning. It means a lot to me.”


Amariya Lewis was unharmed and ready to go back to her family in Wardville.

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