Exclusive Interview with Mayoral Candidate Lorenzo Davis, Sr.

Lorenzo Davis, Sr. is the first candidate to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Alexandria.


Lorenzo Davis, Dr. says it takes leadership and hard work to become Mayor.

He says he is qualified for the job and ready to make changes.

As Mayor, he will bring transparency and integrity to the administration.


Lorenzo Davis, Sr. and his wife have been involved in the community for years.

His focus is to unify the city and help the elderly.

He takes pride in mentoring the youth.

His mission is to be a leader and put the people first.


The election for Mayor of Alexandria will be on November 8th.

Mayor Jeff Hall has not announced if he intends to run again.



One thought on “Exclusive Interview with Mayoral Candidate Lorenzo Davis, Sr.

  • March 31, 2022 at 9:41 pm

    This man is so caring, full of integrity, intelligent and business savvy. He is a natural born leader. Alexandria is truly blessed to have him as the next mayor. I believe he will win. V-O-T-E!!

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