Election Day Inspires Residents to Exercise their Right to Vote

Citizens are gearing up for Election Day for the Rapides School Board and City Council.

Their votes could determine who can make changes in the community.


John Kilbourne was a former educator and loves to support the school board.

“You want to know something; you have to get into those books. If you’re not in those books, your chances of being knowledgeable is very, very scarce.”


He supports amendment one stating that only U.S. citizens have the right to vote.

“Only the people who have the voting rights should vote because those are the people, I’m sure people that we can confide in.”


Kilbourne says this is his fourth time voting and he looks forward to Election Day.

“I did attend school here in Alexandria at Saint James, but I feel if a person is educated, the person is knowledgeable.”


Voters can choose three amendments for Saturday Elections.

There are four run-off races for Election Day on Saturday, December 10th.