Egg-Knocking Tradition Continues Across Avoyelles Parish Easter Day

eggknocking2The world-famous Marksville Egg-Knocking Contest produced lots of smiling faces Easter Day.

Egg knocking is more than a contest; it’s an art.  Many of the participants represented many generations who gathered for this Easter ritual.

So what is egg knocking?  It’s a way to determine the toughest egg and no cheating is allowed.

Egg knocking is a rite of passage in Marksville.  And, there were other contests throughout Avoyelles parish.

eggknocking1For some reason, it remains a mostly Cajun custom and celebration of Easter Day.  It was also a time for family and friends to gather before or after church to say hello, celebrate spring and wish each other a joyful Easter Day.

KLAX ABC 31 News 4/21/14