Economic Justice Advocates Applaud Passage of Minimum Wage Bill SB 149 Out of Committee

May 11, 2023, BATON ROUGE, LA—Economic justice advocates are applauding the approval of SB 149 out of the Louisiana State Senate Committee. The bill, if passed, would raise Louisiana’s minimum wage to $14 per hour by 2028.


The Labor & Industrial Relations Committee approved the bill on a 3-2 vote. Although minimum wage bills have been introduced in every legislative session, a bill hasn’t made it to a floor vote in years. 


Economic and education justice organization Step Up Louisiana is one of many advocacy groups from across the state that have been pushing for legislation that supports Louisiana workers during this legislative session.


“We want to thank Senators Duplessis, Luneau, and Barrow for standing with workers across the state. Louisiana must raise its minimum wage so that we can lift our people out of poverty,” said Ben Zucker, co-director of Step Up Louisiana.


“Our people are in desperate need of a living wage to keep them from falling further and further behind. It’s unconscionable that people working multiple jobs are still unable to make ends meet. We look forward to the debate and getting our Senators on the record about this bill that means so much to Louisiana families.”


Historically, Republican legislators have voted against minimum wage bills in committee and avoided going on the record against minimum wage increases. A 2019 survey showed that four in five Louisiana residents support an increase in the state minimum wage, an issue that draws bipartisan support.


Step Up Louisiana members echoed the sentiment that raising the minimum wage is critical to the well being of everyday Louisiana workers.


“‎There’s‎ no‎ way‎ you‎ wake‎ up‎ every‎ morning‎ and‎ say‎ minimum‎ wage‎ is‎ the‎ best‎ way‎ to‎ live‎. Absolutely‎ not‎,” said Step Up Louisiana member David Williams. “We always‎ talk‎ about‎ making‎ changes‎—how‎ about‎ we‎ make‎ that‎ change‎ now.”


SB149 will continue on to be debated by the full Senate.


About Step Up Louisiana

Step Up Louisiana is a community based organization committed to building power to win education and economic justice for all.  Step Up works with Louisianans of all races and ages to “step up” by campaigning, organizing from a racial justice perspective, and holding public officials accountable. The organization partners with parents, workers, students, and community members to disrupt systemic oppression in our schools and workplaces through voter education, advocacy, and action. 

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