DWF Boater Ed Class, May 7th

Boater education goes a long way in helping people boat safely.

That’s why the Woodworth shooting range is having a boater education course,  with summer rapidly approaching. 

Apyrl Olinde says the course will teach the younger generation about boater safety practices.

” Wearing life jackets, navigational courses, how to read navigational signs, signals, what to do in an emergency, what’s required of your vessel, licensing and registration requirements, how to register your vehicle or vessel. We go over all of that.” 

Olinde says taking boating practice is a good way for people to learn about Boating and being in the outdoors. She also says it’s a preventive measure to ensure that people aren’t unsafe on the waterway.

“We encourage everyone and anyone interested to take it because more often than not people will take the course and learn something new. I’ve had students from the Marine background, the Army background, and they’ve learned something new in the course.”

Olinde also says the course is a great tool, Especially with the lakes around the Alexandria-Pineville area.

” It’s very popular, and with the coming spring that’s practically already here, it’s going to be even busier on the waterway. ”

Apyrl says that anybody born after January 1st, 1984 is required to take the boater education safety requirement to operate a jet ski.

The course will take place from 8 am to 2 pm on May 7th.

For more information, visit the link below. 

LDWF (louisianaoutdoors.com)