Dr. Tommie Mabry Speaks About Valuing Education to Middle School Children

Arthur F. Smith Middle Magnet invited a motivational speaker to inspire their students.

Dr. Tommie Mabry has traveled across the country to reach minority communities.


Professional Speaker and Consultant Dr. Tommie Mabry says, “I got locked up my 5th grade year, so I wasn’t walking in my shoes. I was a follower. I was fighting for acceptance.”

He says, “I’ve been through so much so, just to show a kid or a young lady that there is not an expiration date on success and yes, you can mess up and start over tomorrow.


Dr. Tommie Mabry thought success was being in the NBA until his friend shot him in the foot.

“You could be that person that breaks that cycle in your family, you could be the person from this environment to go off and do some amazing things, but it starts with you.”


Dr. Tommie Mabry is passionate about helping kids value education. He wants them to step inside their own shoes and follow their own path.

He says to the kids, “You got on Jordans on right now, dude, you didn’t pay for that. Someone worked a double last night to pay for that. Some of ya’ll. How many of ya’ll come from single parent homes? Man, that’s the majority of you all.”


Dr. Mabry says it does not matter if you’re from a single parent home. You can blossom.

“Those who don’t have the male figures in their lives, it can be kinda harder on them, but I just want to share that light on those kids also, to show them that as a man, I’m there for you too.”


8th Grader Jeremiah Voorhies says he learned so much from Dr. Mabry.

“It really taught me, you know how to be better and not follow what my friends do, be myself, and it’s not always bad to that you want to stand out and be more.”


Dr. Mabry says, “Character is who you are when nobody’s watching you so just to see young men show that kind of character meant everything to me.”

He hopes young men and women learn not to follow the crowd and make their own decisions.


Dr. Tommie Mabry continues to travel to other schools to inspire them to think beyond their environment.

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