Dognapping in Pineville

MadlyA couple visiting Pineville from Boulder Colorado had their hearts broken as they beloved pet was stolen right in front of them.  The story below is Jason’s plea for everyone to be on the look-out and help find “Madly.”

Hello, My name is Jason and I’m in Pineville visiting my in-laws and was letting my dog out Thursday and she was stolen right in front of me.  She was stolen on the corner of Hwy 107 & Pete’s lane which is about 200 yards from Hwy 454.  “Madly” is a 4 1/2 year old female white Labrador retriever with papers.

She has a small blue tattoo on her belly from being spayed.  The tattoo is minute circles or dots.  She’s very friendly and very intelligent and knows approximately 52 commands.  She’s traveled the world with us and means the world to us.  We can’t have kids so she’s considered our daughter.  A dark blue and grey two-toned extended cab Dodge truck pulled over real quick while Madly was using the bathroom in the ditch & snatched her up before I realized what was happening.

I ran after the truck but couldn’t read the license plate.  From my research, dog snatching is not uncommon in the Pineville/Center Point area around Hwy 454 & Hwy 107.

I live in Boulder Colorado and will be here until I find our daughter.  A reward is offered to anyone with info that leads to her safely returning home.  I’m visiting my in-laws and they stay on Pete’s lane.

Contact Jason with any info or concerns at 830-569-7780.