Disturbance in Boyce leads to arrest

On Saturday 12/4/2021 at about 2:45pm, Boyce Police Officers received a call of a domestic disturbance in progress in Boyce La.

Once officers arrived on the scene, Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Deputies had calmed the scene. The Boyce Police Department then took over the investigation of the incident.

The investigation showed Christina Miller, a white female age 51, had attacked her boyfriend. The victim had deep gashes to his arms, upper torso, and facial area. The gashes were severe to where The Acadian Ambulance Service was called to look at the victim. The victim advised that Ms. Miller attacked him and went out to his aunt and cousin, the owners of the property, and they had to force her out of the trailer physically, and she attempted to get back in the trailer by kicking and punching the door.

The incident occurred allegedly over Ms. Miller wanting to cook food earlier that morning. Neighbors advised that the screaming from the trailer became so intense that they called the police. One neighbor advised they witnessed Ms. Miller striking the victim several times. Witnesses also advised they could hear items being thrown in the trailer and glass breaking.

Police advised Ms. Miller she was under arrest; she began to resist officers and had to be physically restrained and taken into custody.

Christine Miller was charged with Simple Battery (Domestic), disturbing the peace, Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling (attempted), resisting an officer, and taken to Detention 1 for booking.