District Spelling Bee Crowns Rapides Academy’s Jarren Reed as Champion Speller

Studies show literacy, reading, and spelling play an important role in the future success of a student.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how the District Spelling Bee challenged students.


A friendly competition, like a spelling bee, can help encourage and empower students.

District Spelling Bee Awards Presenter Alan Fontenot says, “Every kindergarten through 8th grade student participated in a spelling bee this year. These eleven students started with their classroom spelling bee; they were the champion of their classroom.”


Each student competed to represent Rapides Parish schools in the District Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee Participant Jasmine Woodard spelled, “Yurt, Y-U-R-T, yurt.”


Students showcased their knowledge and understanding of words to win.

Spelling Bee Participant Broderick McGinnis spelled, “Newt, N-E-W-T.”


But only one could be crowned District Champion and the winning word was bovines.

Spelling Bee District Champion Jarren Reed says, “I feel shocked actually and very happy because I worked really hard to get here.”


Grayson Portalis was the District Runner-Up when he missed the word poppet.

“I mostly went over the words that were hard for me to spell.”


Jarren Reed was excited to win and looks forward to participating in more spelling bees.

“I used Quizlet to help me and my parents and grandparents they helped me really get here and practice and work hard.”


Every student left a winner with a participant trophy for reaching the district competition.

The Rapides Parish School Board sponsored the event and will recognize Jarren Reed at the next school board meeting for his accomplishment.