Dinosaurs Take Over the Alexandria Mall Parking Lot

Dinosaurs have taken over the Alexandria Mall parking lot.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey shows us what it’s all about.

Jurassic Empire is at the Alexandria Mall.  It’s a drive through event with life size dinosaurs that move and breathe as you drive through.

Joey Flohr on what the event has to offer: “In this display we have over 50 dinosaurs about half of them are automatronic so as you drive through it sets the sensors off, starts moving, breathing, roaring.  It’s pretty dramatic. And then there’s a slide show that you do in your car.  We worked with some paleontologists to develop.  As you drive through it will tell you some educational and fun facts about them, also the name of each dinosaur.

“It’s a lot of fun for families, friends bring your neighbors, kids go crazy for it.  It’s also very educational for your teenagers and yourselves as well.

“Well you know dinosaurs really did exist at one point in the world and there’s so many superhero and comic book things out there that are just made up.  And we really wanted to share some educational facts and things with children these days.  And children love dinosaurs.  I’m a big kid myself I love dinosaurs.”

Tickets are $45 per car on the weekdays, $55 dollars on the weekends. To purchase tickets visit www.jurassicempire.com.