Day After Christmas Sees Large Amounts of Store Returns

The day after Christmas is typically a big day for returning Christmas gifts.  ABC 31 News Joel Massey has more from the Alexandria Mall.

The National Retail Federation reports that returned nearly doubled during the pandemic: 218 billion dollars work of online purchases were sent back and the return rate is estimated to stay in that elevated range.  It was a busy day at JC Penny at the Alexandria Mall.  Shoppers were out in droves returning unwanted Christmas gifts.

Ann Vandersypen with JC Penny says that not all shoppers had returns.

“But a lot of them are just exchanges not so many returns but exchanges for different sizes.”

Vandersypen says she enjoys seeing the familiar faces.

“It’s wonderful we love to see the faces a lot of them are regular customers we have a following here and we enjoy seeing all the people come back.”

If you’ve got gifts to return this year don’t sit on them.  Many retailers are moving to a shorter timeframe to return items.  A 30-day window is now typical.