CTLCC nursing students finish program two weeks early

“I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of scary not having our teachers there and having to meet new people and coworkers not knowing anybody. I’m excited to get out there and help.”

Beginning the program some time ago, nursing students had no clue that entering the workforce during a pandemic could jump start their career. Students like Cameron Mayeux says this is a bittersweet moment.

“Nerve-wrecking but exciting at the same time. We get to get out there and work a lot sooner and help out with all of this.”

Realizing that condensing the end of a semester into two week, RN instructor, Angela Brown, had to find new ways to encourage her students.

“What I did was I opened a Webex meeting everyday and it was most of the time to give encouragement.”

Aside from the teacher support, the students’ bond had grown as well.

“We were able to help each other through it more and kind of just support each other because this was new for us. None of us really had any idea what we were doing so we just kind of had to be there for each other even though we were stressed ourselves.”

“They just handled it like pros, really. I was extremely proud of them.”

The same anxiety of finishing school now carries over as students begin the job search. Cameron says that her main priority now is to join the frontline, put her skills to use and help those in need.

“I’m excited to hopefully make a difference and help the other people who need help and not just be sitting at home doing nothing.”

“I’m super proud of them.”