Critical Audits Issued for Town of Many, NSU

The State Legislative Auditor is pointing fingers at the town of Many and Northwestern State University.

The investigative audits say the town may have overspent public funds and failed to collect money owed from a cooperative agreement with the university. The auditors say NSU employees and workers on loan to the university from the town of Many misused public funds, received excess compensation, and may have violated state law.

And in a reply to the critical audits, here’s what NSU officials have to say:

“This federal program is no longer in place at Northwestern State University and the parties identified in the report are no longer employees. The findings in this report are clear violations of existing university policies and procedures regarding the use of federal funds.  The University has taken steps to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed in the future and will work to recoup any funds identified as improperly received.”

KLAX ABC 31 News 8/11/15