Crawfish Prices on The Rise

If you’re a fan of crawfish boils, they are about to get a little more pricey.  This year’s mudbugs are expected to be nearly two dollars more compared to last year.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey spoke with some crawfish fans who won’t be deterred by high prices.

Crawfish prices are on the rise this year due to freezing December temperatures, cold snaps and low supplies.  The average price per pound in Louisiana is up to a whopping $7.55 for boiled and $5.67 for live crawfish.  That means folks are looking to pay an average of about $200 for one sack.  Most of the folks I talked to say that they would still pay increased the prices for some crawfish this year.

Estenia Davis said, “Yes I would pay the price because I love crawfish, I like all kinds of fish crawfish too I like it.  I would pay the price for crawfish.”

Isaac Parker said, “I think the prices are too high I wouldn’t pay for them.”

Dolores Spell said, “If I was hungry for crawfish I would go and pay 7 dollars a pound for them.”

Jane Sober said, “I love boiled crawfish and I would pay that much for them, yes.”

Daniel Gallineau said, “In Louisiana if you’re gonna eat crawfish you’re gonna pay for them.  It’s very high but I figure the people are still gonna buy them regardless of the price.”

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