Counterfeit Money Leads To Arrest at Wal-Mart on Coliseum Blvd.

On October 11, at around 8 am, APD officers responded to Walmart on Coliseum Blvd in reference to a report of counterfeit money being used. According to the initial report, at around 3 am the same day, a male subject purchased two TVs using approximately $1,900 in counterfeit bills. The suspect then left with the two stolen TVs.

At around 2:15 pm, APD was called back to the scene to a report that a subject, later identified as Brandon Allen, was in the store attempting to return the TVs for a refund. The first responding officer arrived on scene and contacted the employees. As the officer approached Allen, Allen saw him and began walking quickly away in an attempt to flee. The officer moved to seize Allen’s arm and keep him from leaving when Allen swung at the officer, attempting to hit him. During the ensuing struggle, the officer used his Taser and was able to bring Allen under control and place him in handcuffs.

Another responding officer was informed that there was a second male who had been inside the store with Allen attempting to return the TVs, who had left the store while Allen was being arrested. The subject was located in the parking lot and identified as Jerome Hobbs. During the investigation, Hobbs was found to be in possession of suspected marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription pills. After Hobbs was arrested, the investigation continued to the vehicle the he and Allen were in, and narcotics detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for the car, which belonged to Allen. Upon executing the search warrant, detectives found suspected crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and prescription pills.

Brandon Allen was charged with Theft-$1,000-5,000, Resisting an Officer, 2 counts of Monetary Instrument Abuse (Counterfeit Money), 2 counts of Possession of CDS I, 2 counts of Possession of CDS II, and 1 count of Possession of CDS I with Intent to Distribute. Jerome Hobbs was charged with Possession of CDS I-Marijuana, Possession of CDS I with Intent to Distribute, Possession of CDS IV, and 3 counts of Possession of CDS II. Hobbs was also booked on outstanding warrants for Probation Violation and Failure to Pay a Fine. Both were booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.