Community Honors Fallen Officers with Memorial Service

Rapides Parish held a law enforcement memorial on the steps of the courthouse.  ABC News’ Joel Massey has more from a family of a fallen officer.

Tanya Johnson, wife of a fallen officer said, “Robert I would say was one of a kind.  He was a big gentle teddy bear, wonderful husband, and a wonderful father to our three girls.  I have two of them with me today.”

Tanya Johnson and two of her daughters paid tribute to Corporal Robert Johnson with the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office who died May 31, 2016 after suffering a heart attack on duty.

“Robert from a very young age wanted to be an officer.  He always enjoyed putting on that uniform and pinning that badge on every morning.  That was just something that he was drawn to do and he thoroughly loved.”

Johnson and other law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty were honored on the steps of the Rapides Parish Courthouse.

“I’m thankful that they have this service.  This is a service that I attended with my father being in law enforcement for many years from a young age.  I never thought I’d be sitting in the chairs up front, but this is a wonderful memorial that honors our fallen.”

The service coincides with national police week and Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain says it honors those who serve and those who paid the ultimate price serving.

“It’s a week to celebrate and recognize the professionals that get up every day and put on a uniform and wear a badge, but it’s also to recognize the sacrifice of those who paid the ultimate price and their families have made and the sacrifice that the men and women that continue to do this job do everyday.”

Tanya and her family recently went to Washington, D.C. to honor her husband.

“Very appreciative of this memorial not only this one.  We actually just got back from Washington, D.C. so memorials like this that honor the fallen, it’s wonderful for the families to be able to attend.”

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