CLTCC Provides Solution to Shortage of Aircraft Technicians and Pilots

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there has been a significant shortage in pilots and technicians.

Central Louisiana Technical and Community College is working to solve that problem.


CLTCC has partnered with the England Authority Airport to develop the Aviation Careers and Education Initiative.

CLTCC Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs Heather Poole says, “It has been a great opportunity for students to work in a collaborative initiative with the England Authority so us having an opportunity to have a technical program that supports it, is a win-win.”


Certified Flight Instructor Gary Vallery says he loves that the ACE Initiative can give students a chance to fly.

“When you become a pilot, it actually changes who you are at a fundamental level. You gain confidence, you just gain an air about you that you know that you can conquer things that you once thought that you couldn’t. It’s just one of the coolest things you can do is to watch someone just go from a raw recruit to get in there to actually learning how to pilot an airplane. It is just wonderful.”

Poole says CLTCC has plans to certify students to be pilot technicians.


Pilot in Training James Rosier says, “You’re always learning something new; you’re always pushing yourself. You’re always being challenged. It’s the one thing about Gary and the airplane. Everything we go up in the airplane, he challenges me with something different.”


Poole says it will take public and private partnerships to make this program work.

CLTCC staff hopes to provide students the opportunity to earn high-paying and high demand jobs in aviation.