Cleco Watt Matters energy-savings campaign continues with a fourth focus area: Budget For It!

PINEVILLE, La. – July 18, 2022 – To receive more predictable bills from Cleco, customers are encouraged to Budget For It! by enrolling in the company’s Budget Billing program.
Budget For It! is the fourth focus area of Cleco’s energy-savings campaign, Watt Matters, a five-part series on residential programs and individual actions customers can take to use less energy and lower their monthly bills. It follows the third focus area, Unplug It!, which explained how idle electronics, appliances and other miscellaneous devices consume electricity around-the-clock, even when they are not being used. The second focus area, Turn It Off!, encouraged customers to turn off lights and appliances when not in use. The first focus area, Replace It!, urged customers to replace outdated appliances and devices with energy efficient alternatives. “Knowing what to expect each month helps with other expenses,” said Andre Guillory, vice president and chief customer officer. “Budget Billing averages a customer’s monthly energy costs throughout the year which makes the monthly payment more manageable.”
Most residential and small commercial customers who have an account balance of zero are eligible for the program, as long as they have 12 months of billing history. Cleco will continue to read the meter each month, and customers will continue to only pay for the electricity actually used.
Watt Matters: Budget For It! Energy-Saving Tips • Changes in temperature and other life events can cause energy usage and bills to fluctuate, so knowing what to expect each month can help customers stay within their budget. Use Budget Billing to maintain a monthly budget and manage other expenses. • To enroll, call Cleco customer service at 1-800-622-6537 or visit a Cleco customer service office. • Visit for more information on the Budget Billing program.