Cleco Power of a Promise Scholarship Motivates CLTCC Student Raymond Nelson to Pursue Electrical Engineering

Cleco Power is giving students the opportunity to work in the manufacturing industry.

They are offering full ride scholarships to high school seniors and juniors enrolling at CLTCC.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how this scholarship has impacted a student’s life.


Last year, CLECO Power awarded Pineville High Student Raymond Nelson a full ride scholarship to attend Central Louisiana Technical Community College.

2022 Cleco Scholarship Recipient Raymond Nelson says, “It just really taught me that God has plans out there for all of us, I mean God established us what we want to do because back then I really didn’t know what my plan was.”


Nelson is now in his second semester of learning Electrical Engineering at CLTCC.

“Those universities aren’t for everybody. It took me a while to give this a chance. As soon as I gave it a chance, I just realized this is great stuff, you know. Like I said, you don’t always have to go to those universities to get that full experience. You can get a good experience here.”


Raymond Nelson says he appreciates CLECO for giving him this opportunity.

“I’m grateful for it and I’ve just been capitalizing off just what Cleco has done for me and let’s go use this knowledge and just going to continue just building up on it.”


News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “At CLTCC, Raymond is teaching me how to strip a wire in order to safely operate it.”


CLECO Talent Coordinator Shannon Senviel encourages students like Nelson to apply for Cleco’s scholarship.

“When we got him in the interview round and he sat down with the panel, he answered our questions, just knocked them out the box, we knew then that was the type of student we wanted to represent Cleco with this particular diversity scholarship.”

Senviel says female and minority students are eligible to apply.


CLTCC has taught him hands-on training on how to be a master electrician.

“I’m just getting better and better each and every week. I’m just going to keep on learning, keep on building up, and that’s where I’m going to go from there.”

Nelson plans to finish school by next year and start his career with CLECO.


Contact Central Louisiana Technical College for eligibility requirements. The last day to apply for the Cleco Power of a Promise Scholarship is January 31st.