Cleco Offers Tips to Conserve Energy and Stay Warm

With extremely low temperatures and cold winds forecasted for Louisiana this week Cleco is offering tips to help customers conserve energy and stay warm.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more.

Fran Phoenix with Cleco said, “With the expected low temperatures this week and through the weekend we recommend that customers set their thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  I know that’s a setting that every customer may not be able to manage in terms of their comfort level, but it is the recommended temperature to save energy.  It also helps to preserve and protect the grid making sure that we are able to deliver reliable power.”

Phoenix has some more tips on conserving energy during the cold weather expected this week.

“We recommend that customers find and seal leaks because during the cold winter months you want to keep the heat in.  So, make sure you have good weather stripping, make sure that you’re not losing heat somewhere you’re not aware of.”

Mother nature can also help you stay warm.

“We recommend that if the sun is out you take advantage of the solar energy, open your drapes, shades and blinds but at night close them to keep the heat in.  If you’re operating a space heater, definitely make sure it’s away from combustible material because one of the big hazards in the winter months are fires and we don’t want customers to have to endure anything like that.”

Phoenix said that Cleco will not shut off power to customers while the cold weather is here.

“Our chief customer officer has made the decision to hold disconnects beginning tomorrow Thursday December 22 through Monday January 2.  So, we’re not saying customers shouldn’t pay their bill.  We’re saying that you don’t have to worry about being disconnected during these extremely cold temperatures.”

Phoenix says Cleco is ready to respond should the cold weather result in downed lines.

“We don’t expect an ice storm, but we always have to be prepared.  And being prepared means you stay ready, so we stay on alert.  It could be cold weather, hot weather, hurricanes, just extreme weather but we’re always ready we make sure we have enough crews on standby.  We make sure we have enough materials and supplies.”